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  • Sat, 03/18/2017 - 2:00pm
  Category Kids


All time slots are now full. PLEASE consider registering for one of the waitlist slots. PLEASE DO NOT register for more than one waitlist slot per child -- choose your preferred waitlist time slot and only register for that particular one. If you register for more than one waitlist time slot for your child, you will be depriving another child of their chance to attend the program.Those on the waitlist will move up to a registered slot if a cancellation occurs.  Also, those on the waitlist will have their information saved and will be contacted should the Library decide to repeat this program at a later date.

Hey kids ages 3-10!  Make plans now to join us at Bossard Library on March 18, 2017 for our special Create-A-Critter workshop and Storytime.

Registration for this event is limited. Registration will open February 19, 2017 and will close on March 4, 2017 or when all slots are filled.

Parents/Guardians will have 6 time slots from which to choose. Each child will have 45 minutes to create their very own critter, listen to a story, sign up for a Library card, and enjoy a snack.

This event is free and is open to children ages 3-10 ONLY; please do not register your child if he or she is not in this age range. Older and younger siblings may attend, but they will not be able to create a critter.

Parents/Guardians, please do not reserve multiple time slots for the same child. Please do not register if you are unsure about being able to attend, as the Library is making the purchase of the critters based on your registration. Please make sure to cancel your reservation as early as possible if you are unable to attend; this will allow someone on the waiting list a chance to attend the program. Please contact Rachael Barker (extension 226), Lynn Pauley (extension 229), or Debbie Saunders (extension 235) if you need to cancel.

All registrations MUST be made online.  If the time slot that you want is full, you have the option of choosing another time or being put on the waiting list for your preferred time slot. Those on the waiting list will be notified by e-mail if they are moved onto the attendance list. Being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee that a child will be able to attend the program as this is dependent on cancellations from earlier registrants. 

A child must be in attendance at the program in order to stuff his/her critter. A child will not be able to pick up a critter and take it home to stuff. Make sure to bring your camera or cell phone to take pictures at our Critter Selfie Station! 

Although every effort will be made to provide each child with the critter of their choice, the Library reserves the right to substitute critters as needed since animal choice is based on availability from our distributor. Please choose your critter carefully as all selections are final.

If your child is on a waiting list and does not get notified to attend the program, we will save your information and you will be contacted should the Library decide to repeat this program at a later date.

Please view the critters listed below and choose your favorite. Once you have chosen your critter, click here to be taken to the registration page.

These critters are NO LONGER AVAILABLE:

Alligator, Bennie the Bengal Tiger, Brown Moose, Buzz the Bee, Chestnut the Horse, Dusty the Tabby Cat, Happy Feet Penguin, Happy Hippo, Husky Dog, Iceberg the Polar Bear, Liberty the Bald Eagle, Long Hair Bear, Melvin the Moose, Oreo the Orca, Panda Bear, Quackers Duck, Red Nosed Reindeer, Rudy the Reindeer, Smiley Dimple Dog, Trunks the Elephant, Twist Bear and Zip the Zebra.


Black Bear Black Lab
Bow Tie Bear Brown Moose Bulldog
Calico Kitty Camo Bear Crazy the Cat
Cream Bunny Dolphin Dragon
Elephant Floppy Frog Funky Frog
Giraffe Gray and White Floppy Dog Happy Feet Penguin
Heart-Nosed Lion Heart-Nosed Puppy Husky Dog
Kaleidoscope Bear Long Hair Bear Orca Whale
Panda Bear Peace and Love Bear Peaches the Puppy
Pink and White Long Hair Bear Pink and White Unicorn Pink Pig
Pink Pony Polar Bear Rainbow Bear
Smiley Dimple Dog Smiley Monkey Snow Leopard
Spotted Dalmatian Dog Tan Lab Terry the Terrier
Tommy the Tiger Turtle Twist Bear
White Kitty Wiley Wolf Yellow Duck
Zip the Zebra Al E Gator Angel Bear
Baby Blue Patches Bear Baby the White Seal Bamboo the Panda
Bandit the Dog Bandit the Raccoon Bear of Terror
Benjamin the Black Bear Bennie the Bengal Tiger Berry Bunny
Bessie Mae Moo-cho the Cow Blue the Dog Bubble Gum Bear
Bubbles the Dolphin Buttercup the Pony Buttons the Dog
Buzz the Bee Cali the Calico Cat Cammie the Camo Bear
Candy the Dog Charlie the Cheetah Cheeky the Monkey
Chestnut the Horse Chilly the Polar Bear Chip the Bear
Cottonball the Bunny Cotton Candy Bear Crinkles the White Bear
Cupcake Kitty Daisy the Dog Dan D. the Lion
Domino the Dalmatian Dreams the Tiger Dyno the Dinosaur
Ed the Reindeer Evergreen the Christmas Bear Fearless the Dragon
Fizzy the Bear Flopsy the Bunny Forest the Bunny
Furry the Brown Bear G.I. Camo Bear Gerry the Giraffe
Glitter the Horse Goldie the Lab Graham the Cracker Bear
Grizzly the Bear Gum Drop the Pony Happy the Hippo
Harmony the Peace Bear Holly the Hedgehog Honey the Bear
Honeypot the Brown Bear Iceberg the Polar Bear Icicle the Snowman
I-Hop the Frog Jelly Bean the Pony Jewel the Dragon
Jill and Joey Kangaroo Jingle the Christmas Elf Kevin the Koala
Klondike the Husky Lambert the Lamb Lavender the Bear
Liberty the Bald Eagle Lucky the Ladybug Marshmallow the Cat
Melvin the Moose Molly the Manatee Moo-Moo the Cow
Mookey the Monkey Moonbeam the Pegasus Mystic the Unicorn
Olive the Reindeer Onyx the Orca Oreo the Orca
Otis the Bear PanPan the Panda Pebble the Penguin
Pink Patches Bear Pinks the Pig Pinky the Elephant
Popcorn the Duck Poppy the Poodle Puddles the Duck
Quackers the Duck Rainbows the Bear Ribbit the Frog
Romeo the Bear Rosie the Rabbit Roxy the Fox
Shadow the Black Lab Sharky the Shark Sherlock the Meerkat
Sherman the Sheep Shiver Snowman Silverback the Gorilla
Snowflake the White Tiger Snowshoe the Husky Spots the Leopard
Star the Unicorn Stardust the Pegasus Sweetheart the Bunny
Swirls the Turtle Tank the Bulldog Theodore the Bear
Timber the Wolf Trunks the Elephant Tucker the Terrier
Tundra the Polar Bear Tux the Penguin Whiskers the Cat
Witner the Snow Leopard Wise the Owl Zippy the Zebra​​